>Walmart & Disgusting Behavior

>What is it with people that they can’t wait in line these days that they have to rush a store and trample someone to death. Are material things so important to us that we’ve forgotten the value of what is truly important. Human Life?

My heart goes out to the family of the WalMart worker who was trampled to death by people so hell bent on their self-serving goal of acquiring a discounted TV, or Boom Box or other ridiculous item. The sad thing is it’s doubtful any of the people who stampeded and trampled this 34-year-old victim to death will experience enough remorse to come forward, nor will they be captured and made to pay for their crime.

WalMart Drives The Neanderthal Behavior

AND WALMART! I have despised this store for years, they go into communities and tell towns that they’re not competition for Mom & Pop stores, but damn if they don’t put those people out of business. They’ve allowed sexual harassment to run on for long periods of time and only correct the problem after lawsuits. They treat their employees like crap (the DH worked for them a few years back when times were tight). The company cares for nothing except the bottom line and how much money they bring in for their senior management and stockholders. I refuse to shop there. The DH does for grocery staples. Me, I’ll pay the higher price elsewhere, simply because I believe this store to be a bad thing for America and I refuse to contribute to their bottom line directly, even though my stubborn DH makes me do so indirectly. I have won the principle thing on Exxon with him.

Discounting Human Life

This type of incident has happened before at Walmart in years past. Has this company learned nothing? Do they not know to hire police for mob control? Did the manager of this store not recognize the danger and call for help? Perhaps he wasn’t given the budget to do so by upper management. If that’s the case, then WalMart has impacted their bottom line severely. What’s a couple hundred thousand dollars for police crowd control compared to the multi-million dollar law suit the family can now sue for, but more importantly the death of an employee. Is the value of human life so cheap that we can discount it too?

I hope to God, the local DA throws the book at the company for criminal negligence. Did no one have a bull horn to control the crowd? Was there not a line that people were required to stand in line for? If there was, how many police officers or armed security guards were manning the front of the store to ensure there wasn’t a mob swelling forward?

Personally, I hope the victim’s family sues the pants off of WalMart for their reprehensible handling of the opening. This isn’t the first time a mob has stormed a WalMart door on Black Friday. For the past couple of years the company has had stores with BIG mob problems. They should know to have police on horseback, police on foot, doors that can be opened from a distance, flash cameras that zoom in close on people’s faces as they charge the door so they can be found and hauled into court for acting in a disorderly manner and/or involuntary manslaughter if someone is killed.

Similar Incidents

My husband went and stood in line at Target yesterday morning with hundreds of other people for some good bargains. Toward the end of the wait, several groups of people mingled around the store on the opposite side of the line, hoping to sneak in ahead of those at the end of the line. Those in line started yelling for the rats to go to the end of the line. Fortunately, the Target manager saw what was happening and came out to guard against this, directing the swine to go to the end of the line to enter the store.

And get this, at this particular Target, Chesterfield County police from the Commonwealth of Virginia stood inside the door and did nothing to prevent the situation, which could have easily turned into a mob. What sort of police department does that? I don’t call that protecting the citizens of Chesterfield. My tax dollars pay their salaries, so I have every right to criticize their lack of action. Based on what my husband saw, these cops seemed only less than interested in doing their civic duty as law enforcement.

I waited in line at Sears with about 100 – 150 people. Everyone went to the back of the line and we all filed in politely. Of course, I think the majority of the crowd happened to be stationed at the door on the other side of the building because by the time I got upstairs to the electronics, it was packed. But most people were polite and not screaming at the clerks.

Stores who do deep discounts and customers who rush the doors on Black Friday are both to blame. Customers for their rude, obnoxious, criminal behavior and the stores for not planning for better crowd management. I do admit that I don’t have all the facts. I only have perceptions, but perceptions are very important in incidents like these, because they reflect a trend that has been increasing over the years. If not in intensity, at least in visibility so that we’re all made more aware of the behavior.

What’s Important

Black Friday is about material possessions. THIS IS NOT what the holiday season is about. Material possessions are nice, but they are not requirements for happiness. I empathize with the parent who wants to give their children all the toys and electronic things. Been there. But I also know when I have to say no. Truth is, spending time with your child is one of the most precious gifts of all. The same with any loved one.

Family, faith (no matter your spiritual path) and caring about others it what the major religions teach. Isn’t it time we just started acting like intelligent, caring creatures and not the animals we appear to be at times like these. To say I’m thoroughly disgusted by yesterday’s mob mentality is an understatement.

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  2. >Thanks for posting Ruth. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog reading. I’ve been very bad at not posting recently. Things have just gone a little nuts in the last few weeks. I hope to return to my normal weekly post after the first of the year.


  3. >It is really sad, and I hope the family gets some justice through the courts as I’ve read that they’re suing the corporation. Thanks for posting Caffey

  4. >Hi Monica. When I heard about this, I was teary eyed thinking about what this person went through and the family who had lost them. I had only gone a couple of times on a Friday after Thanksgiving for the shopping, but I’m bad enough as it is in crowds and I was panicking having lost my hubby within it and just so unbelievable the behaviors of others during this time. This is just so horrible.

  5. >Thanks for posting Diane. While I do hold WalMart responsible for creating such a horrible situation. I also want them to prosecute the people who trampled this man trying to get a good deal on something .

  6. >It’s so sad what happened at Wal-Mart. And just gets me how something horrible always happens at a Wal-Mart store on Black Friday. They obviously don’t care about their customers. They just want to make as much money as possible at whatever cost.