>This Is The Moment

>I’m a huge fan of Frank Wildhorn. He’s a composer who does off-Broadway musicals of unlikely stories such as the Scarlet Pimpernel, Jekyll and Hyde, and Dracula, the Musical.I saw Dracula on off-Broadway a couple of years ago, and it was FABULOUS!!

I love Wildhorn’s lyrics. They’re poetry put to music. One song in particular is of major importance to me today, well actually since last Friday. It’s called, This Is The Moment (this kid on You Tube does a pretty good job with the song).

The song is important to me because back in 2005 when I first sold to small press (New Concepts Publishing) I still wanted the big apple. So when I heard Wildhorn’s song “This Is The Moment,” the words represented what I knew a sale to New York would mean to me.

Well, last Friday I got to belt out “This Is The Moment” in my car as I drove home from the day job (you can listen here NOT to me, a professional ! LOL) .


Because last Friday, I landed a three-book deal with Berkley for an erotic paranormal series about an ancient order of telekinetic assassins and a woman with psychometric abilities who holds the ancient key to their survival. I wasn’t allowed to breathe a word until today though. That’s been a MAJOR issue, holding my breath that long! LOL

I’m soooo excited and what surprises me most is that I didn’t expect to be this excited. I thought that after my contracts with Samhain and NCP a New York sale would be somewhat anti-climatic. I figured I’d be nonchalant about the whole thing. WRONG! I mean I can’t believe how WRONG I was about the excitement, the thrill. I’ve been dancing on the wind since that call from Berkley, and I never expected it to be this exhilarating.

I hope I NEVER get jaded about a new contract because it’s SOOOO much fun. I feel so alive right now. Life is good and my eagerness to write is unbelievable. I have to finish my current edits and then I can dive into this series with gusto. I feel like a race horse at the starting gate.

I am deeply proud of my ePublishing roots and my small press books. I believe those sales have played a significant role in my growth as a writer and my ability to climb another rung of the ladder to reach more readers. But not even my small press sales or my sale to Berkley would have been possible without the following mantra.

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.

I’m still working to achieve more, but DAMN, this achievement feels really good at the moment. I’m gonna savor it for a little while. LOL


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2 thoughts on “>This Is The Moment

  1. >Thank you again!! And absolutely the ePub books played a role. It’s been a learning experience that will serve me well I think.

  2. >I know I emailed you, but I wanted to say again – HUGE CONGRATS, Monica! You give us all hope and I’m glad to hear that your epub sales played a role in this.

    Congrats, again!