>A Little Rebellion Now and Then Is a Good Thing


I have two issues I want to touch on today, and they BOTH could be volatile. First, let’s talk about authors throwing themselves out into the political fray. Now if you read this blog fairly regularly, you know I like to pick a …errr…DEBATE an issue. That sometimes gets me into hot water (the subject matter that is). I definitely keep politics off my website and off my reader boards, and I try really hard to keep them off this blog and my other blogs as well. I do this because I feel like I have to respect my readers and their opinions. Besides they visit my website, reader boards and blogs to learn about my work, not my political leanings.

But of late, and particularly with this presidential election, I’ve noted a lot of authors posting their political beliefs on their blogs, on Twitter, etc. Both sides of the fence POVs, but it seems there are more who lean to the left than to the right. I post on Twitter and I do speak my mind (yeah when don’t I speak my mind), but Twitter moves so fast that unless you monitor it via phone or hourly, your comments will get lost (as mine do! LOL). And other than inundating my DH with political rants, it’s pretty much the only place on the web that I express myself freely under my pen name. My real name, I’ll have you know I’m the best damn letter to the editor writer out there! *grin*

Satirical Observations

However on Twitter, when I express myself, I do more satirical postings on political issues, where I just shake my head and say things like…

“What the hell was Biden thinking; making that crack about it’s patriotic to pay taxes.” I can’t think of one rich person who wants to pay taxes. But then I don’t know any rich people. So, it’s easy for me to forgive the guy. He’s one of us…errr…me–we both have hoof and mouth disease.

Then there are McCain’s thumbs up signs…he reminds me of Nixon (our greatest foreign policy Prez since maybe Jefferson, thanks to his appointment of Kissinger). Nixon’s signature gesture was the peace sign with both hands in the air and his head mashed down into his shoulders. McCain’s got a similar stance when he raises both thumbs upward and bent back; all the while he’s hunched down at the neck. Come to think of it, does he even have a neck??

Clearly, Obama’s been hanging with Joe Biden too much. I mean WHY would you be so stupid as to use the “lipstick” reference when you know, you JUST KNOW, your opponent is going to add makeup up to that statement and they’ll make you look like a clown. And the “cling to their guns and religion” comment???? Are you fricking insane!! You cannot cling to religion, it’s not a tangible object. Besides, there are some things you just don’t say, people. If you do, then you deserve to catch hell. God save us from people like me who speak before we think. This country needs more diplomats (like Natalie – That’s it, that’s the ticket, Natalie for President!).

I can’t really make too fun of Palin because so far, she’s not done a lot of stupid things, YET, but then she’s not been on the national stage long enough. Give her time. She’ll be like everyone else, she’ll but a huge hoof in her mouth and the circling vultures will go in for the carrion, and it won’t be moose either. One word of advice though, DO NOT watch any “Tina Fey as Palin” skits in the library. It’s very difficult not to shout out with laughter in one of those Shush settings. *sigh* And that Palin/Clinton skit was absolutely hysterical on BOTH sides of the aisle.

All of these things remind me of a Mark Twain quote. “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

Funny how little has changed over a century. So my first question. Do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing for authors to put their political leanings out for readers to see them?

My answer to the question is no. Don’t share your leanings, and if you’re so compelled to speak out (as I seemed have been), poke fun at both sides and you might just get away with it. *grin*

Second Verse Same Rebel Verse

This is Banned Books Week, and as usual, I’m being a rebel. I might be German / Italian heritage, but DAMN, sometimes I think I was sprung from the loins of Patrick Henry himself. Both of us opinionated, fiery, but he got all the oratory skills. But Thomas Jefferson loaned me his pen to act as a sword, so I’m all set to charge out and be a rebel.

Take a look at the current books that are the top 10 most challenged books in 2007. The number one book is And Tango Makes Three. This is a children’s book based on a true story. Apparently there were two male penguins at the New York Central Park Zoo who hung out together and zookeepers gave the two birds an egg and damn if they didn’t raise a cool little penguin named Tango. So two authors hooked up to write a children’s story about the two male penguins and how they worked together to raise Tango a female penguin.

Someone complained about the message and demanded that it be removed from the shelf, one of them HERE in Virginia. The home of Jefferson himself. The man is rolling in his grave! I understand a conservative parent not wanting their child to read a book that might present an “alternative” family message. That’s definitely their right. I understand their need to control what their children are exposed to, read, see and do based on their personal values. I respect that.

But their beliefs aren’t mine, and their rights end where mine begin when it comes to freedom of choice. One person ranting that they don’t want “filth,” anti-JudeoChristian, or other objectionable books in the libraries/schools because libraries/schools are supported by their tax dollars is ridiculous.

I don’t care for organized religion; does this mean that because my tax dollars bought several copies of the Holy Bible those books should be taken out of the library?
Of course not, a library is a source for ALL people to access books because not everyone has money to buy books. And for Pete’s sake a little accountability is in order here. If you don’t want your kids doing something, then take charge and outline those limitations to your kids. Leave mine alone. Don’t expect me or anyone else (including the government) to adhere to your values. It’s your business, your responsibility. Just because you don’t want your kids reading something doesn’t give you the right to tell me what MY children can read.

I am very Jeffersonian in my thoughts and beliefs. The minute you put your foot on my doorstep with the notion that you’re going to tell me what I can or can’t do, you name it, you’re pushing my hot button. And while I don’t own a gun (too easy just to pull the trigger), I have swords. My Xena broad sword is good for a quick in and out action. (“an elegant weapon for a more civilized age” – thank you Obi Wan) and I’m not afraid to use them.

So go out and rant a little about Banned Books Week. Stir up support for your local library, and lets see what kind of hell raising we can do!

Your Jeffersonian Rebel – Monica

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