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>Some People Just Don’t Get It!

Yesterday I was getting the word out about an MSNBC poll about romance with lousy language. I wanted readers to get out and vote. I heard about the link from another RWA member on RWA Online who posted about it. I checked it out and wrote my own little blurb (didn’t even THINK to be lazy and copy my chapter mate’s words!)

Here was the message I posted on numerous loops.

Ok, the wording isn’t the best…bodice rippers… but MSNBC has a poll going that asks folks if they read romance. They’re showing a low percentage in the YES! category. If you love romance, let them hear us roar! You can vote at this link.

(Scroll down past the Danielle Steele’s Rogue cover art to reach the poll link.)


Guess what I just read on a loop with major published authors on it.

Ok, the wording isn’t the best…bodice rippers… but MSNBC has a poll going that asks folks if they read romance. They’re showing a low percentage in the YES! category. If you love romance, let them hear us roar about it! You can vote at this link.

(Scroll down past the Danielle Steele’s Rogue cover art to reach the poll link.)

I’m thinking the reuse of my words probably falls under the Fair Use section of copyright law. However, when I think back to the Cassie Edwards debacle (see SBTB and DA) and the uproar that caused, I’m going, Wait A Minute. This is a frigging published author posting this message who didn’t have the common decency to just say, hey I saw Monica Burns post this on another list. Here’s what she had to say.

While it’s possible the author who posted the message may have seen someone else repost my words, I think that’s a stretch. Particularly since there were only TWO changes and the rest is verbatim. Then again, maybe the author found it to be a major challenge to rewrite the damn post. I don’t know about you, but writing something new is tough. Credit I don’t need but I deserve the F*ck’ing respect and courtesy I give to other authors. On the flip side of the coin, Dana M. Bell used my post verbatim, but she said where the post came from. Dana clearly understands simple courtesy.

Pink Shoes

On SBTB the other day, they had a great topic about a FAN-TAB-ULOUS photo taken by a photographer for the Daily Pilot, a Hampton Roads newspaper. The subject matter was a discussion about the reaction to the photo in the newspaper’s readership. There was apparently some backlash because the photo had a sexual overtone to it. HELLO?? I’m sorry, but if I had legs like this gal, a sexy tattoo and I was waiting on my guy I’d be wearing hot pink shoes too. Not to mention my legs would be crossed because having kids has affected my ability to hold water (except at certain times of the month) to a non-existent state these days. Being a Virginian, I can attest to the fact that this kind of histrionics occurs regularly. Personally, I think these people need to get a life and stop trying to make a nuclear bomb out of a picture that’s brilliant from a photography POV. It’s truly stunning IMHO.

2008 RITA Trash

A great nod of appreciation to Dear Author who brought this terrifically funny video to their readers attention. I think the video says it all!

Contemporary Nominees Talking Trash


My new mini-office is almost complete. However, there is a minor glitch. When the DH hooked up the wiring as directed by the hardware store personnel (they gave him incorrect info), he fried the trailer’s converter box. THANK GOD the air conditioning unit wasn’t on. So we have to take the trailer to have it checked out. Fortunately, the hardware store has agreed to put their money where their mouth is and pay for the trailer check, the fried microwave and the fried TV. Whew!! With San Francisco on the horizon, I don’t want to dip into my monies any more than I have too. It’s bad enough that I had a $600 gasoline bill last month!! I’m beginning to feel like the frigging sky is falling.

Until Next Week

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2 thoughts on “Little Bits

  1. >Thanks for posting Mary Ann and your perspective.

    I appreciate that the idea was to get the word out, but my “overreacting” wasn’t about the credit. I am sincere in stating that, and if the post didn’t clarify that well, then I’m at fault, because it is my responsibility to ensure clarity with my positions. I will try harder to clarify it here without making the other author seem like a villain.

    Anyone who knows me well, or reads this blog regularly understands that I can’t abide rudeness or disrespectful behavior, even in myself. It’s a major hot button with me. So these types of issues get me riled up more than it might others from a courtesy and ethics perspective.

    Additionally, my PR/Marketing degree (and the journalism courses I had) taught me that you ALWAYS rephrase things in your own words, from not only a CYA perspective but out of common courtesy as well. My professors drilled it into me that even paraphrasing facts should be cited in terms of source. With that background information, perhaps that clarifies why I found the author’s actions disrespectful.

    I agree my situation and Cassie Edwards are miles apart. If I’d thought the situation was true plagiarism I would have taken it up directly with the author. My point in ranting about the CE debacle in relation to my experience was to point out that not even major incidents like the CE one seems to have changed the ethical thought processes of authors. As authors, we must ALWAYS be cognizant of the fact that everything we put out there needs to either be our own words entirely or cited; even if it is just passing on information.

  2. >honestly, I kinda think you’re overreacting a little. ISTM that the point was to band together and get the word out. Maybe I’m wrong. I certainly wouldn’t have thought twice about just copying and pasting an announcement, especially if I was just rushing to get the word out. Instead of feeling slighted, maybe you should try to take it as a compliment. I just don’t see this as the same as plagiarism. Not even close. I do hate that you feel like someone took credit that you deserved. But from the outside looking in, I really don’t think that was the case.

    Hoping this gives you a different perspective.

    Mary Ann