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Yesterday I had a long post that talked about authors and train wrecks. I lost it while trying to save it for posting. I’m convinced a higher power was at work here because I had three different saves of the document and each one failed. I didn’t think my post controversial, but who am I to argue with fate. *grin* So a shortened version might read like this…

Feeding Frenzies

Of late, I’ve seen rabid feeding frenzies online that make Great Whites look like catfish. While the cause these frenzies incite may be just, there is no need to state one’s point with bloodthirsty zeal. That same behavior is what perpetuated the use of the guillotine long after its usefulness wore out (if it ever was truly useful).

With every issue that arises on the net, I’m reminded of that Dragnet adage, “Just the Facts, ma’am.” Give me facts that can be substantiated. It’s not that I doubt your sincerity in sharing your truth, but I don’t know you. I don’t blindly take the word of my own children without a complete investigation, why would I take your word without question?

Don’t Just Tell the Truth – Give Me Facts

Not all causes are just. Not all people tell the truth. Some people have agendas they don’t share with those who support them. When I take a side, it’s because I have as many facts as possible. Don’t show me emails you’ve received, they can be easily fabricated. Show me places on the Internet where the accused has slit their own throat. Show me news sites where the wrong doing shows up clear as a bell. Show me physical proof if you can. Do not expect me to take guidance from others (your friends) when I form my opinion. I can think for myself. Help me believe in your cause with facts, not outraged posts, vicious commentary or obnoxious name calling. In truth, that kind of behavior makes me see you in a negative light, and it doesn’t help your cause where I’m concerned.

The most critical point for me in this post is this—when we allow mob mentality to control our reaction to an accusation or an alleged situation we become worse than those we are rising up in protest against. And I realize most people don’t even care what I think, but I needed a topic, and this one stuck.


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