>Who I Am Depends On What You Read

>Natalie made an excellent point this week in her post over at the Gabwagon. We’ve had some heavy duty stuff cross the blog of late. So instead, I thought I’d talk about me. The “me” few people really know.

I like to be polite. It doesn’t matter how pissed off I am at someone, I’ll still be polite to them, Of course, it’s bad karma not to forgive, but no one said anything about being stupid either, so I don’t forget. *grin*

I always apologize, sometimes even for things that others say aren’t my fault, but if I perceived the wrong doing as my responsibility then I own up to it. I imagine I go overboard on that sometimes. Primarily because despite how much I tell myself I don’t really care what people think, there’s still that inner child that wants to be accepted. So that leads into honesty.

I consider myself an honest person. If you ask my opinion, I tell you the truth, although my delivery is much better if it’s written communication. Oral communications play havoc with me because I get loud and strident in my desire to make a point. It’s not intentional, just difficult to control, but being honest brings good karma.

Honesty and ethics go hand in hand. Integrity is really important to me, and I try not to spread rumors, cut people off at the knees, or backstab people. I’m not about to say I haven’t done this type of thing. In fact, I remember a time when I sneered at another published author to someone else. It was a low life thing to do. I apologized, and the apology was accepted graciously. In the end though, karma came back to bite me in the butt in ways I didn’t expect, but I deserved what I got. Of course, I don’t know perfect people either so I suspect I’m not alone in this type of behavior. Of course, I confess to being a bitch and being snarky about things to my family, but I work very hard not to be a bitch in public or in a business setting simply because I can or because it’s somehow the trend. I’ve never been a trend-setter (is that one word or two?). But I do try to live by an ethical code and attempt to control the bad behavior dragon. Although I confess I do have a tendency to wrap myself in that particular flag. .

So let’s just say I need some ego downsizing from time to time. If there’s one thing I try to live by its ignoring all the manure people fling it my way directly or indirectly. I fail more times than I succeed. My excuse is that I’m a passionate Italian who wants to just let loose, open up that violin case and let some low life individuals have it. The fact that I don’t do something stupid like that leads into consideration.

I like to think I’m considerate of others. I have a tendency to do things like tell complete strangers I like the tie they’re wearing, or if I see a woman I think is pretty, I don’t hesitate to say they have lovely eyes, beautiful skin, etc. I pull out carts at the grocery store and hand it off to someone who’s just come up to get one themselves. I hold doors open for people without expecting a thank you in return. And I smile at people. I smile because in most cases I earn a smile in return. I’ve noticed that when I go out of my way to say something nice to someone, their faces brighten considerably and I know I’ve somehow made them feel better, which makes me feel better. It’s self-serving, but whoever said you shouldn’t be nice to yourself. Actually this is my way of avoiding chocolate maple creme candies. An item I invest a lot of dollars and hips add-ons when I’m blue.

So while you’re thinking oh geez, is she applying for sainthood, I’m not. I’m sharing a part of who I am, what I believe in so I can emphasis I fail more often than not in sticking to my ideals. And failure is something I take to heart and then to browbeat myself with it. So how do I wrap up this post? Well with a ten minute lesson in humility, that’s how. A lesson that humbled me. A lesson that I can’t teach anyone else, but maybe this link can do that for me. I think it’s self-explanatory. This particular video is a little more than an hour, but it’s an hour that you will never forget.

Childhood Dreams Long Version

Childhood Dreams Brief Outtake (about 10 minutes)


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