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Welcome!! to my virtual Christmas Day here on the blog.

I thought I’d share with everyone the foods that we always serve every Christmas Day in our house. There’s a lot here, but we enjoy leftovers for days afterwards!!

Breakfast includes a

  • danish pastry my Mom taught me how to make. It’s one of those buttery melt in your mouth recipes;
  • we also serve New England Clam chowder;
  • fried oysters; and
  • then we have the prerequisite hot coco and icy cold OJ
Snacks We don’t eat lunch, but snack between breakfast (10am) and dinner (around 6pm) Snacks include

  • ham biscuits;
  • Dick Cavett Dip;
  • shrimp dip and chips;
  • a homemade cheese ball;
  • sausage balls; and
  • hanky pankies.

For supper you can count on having to go the distance at our table. We’re talking food to fill your first plate and most likely you’ll need a second one.

  • A 20lb turkey hot our of the oven,
  • baked ham;
  • homemade dressing;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • green beans;
  • carrots;
  • corn pudding;
  • my Mom’s traditional recipe for apple salad;
  • sweet potatoes (my brother’s recipe, which is to die for);
  • broccoli casserole (this is always a hit even for people who DON’T like broccoli);
  • homemade rolls; and
  • topping it all off is my killer apple pie.

When we’re done, we sit back and just unbutton our pants (unless someone is thinking ahead of time and wears elastic waist pants. ROFL!!). After so much work, I’m delighted to know I don’t have to cook for at least another few days. Left overs are EASY and taste delicious!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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2 thoughts on “>You’re Invited

  1. >Thanks for the greetings, Cole. I’m stuffed still from yesterday. I’ve a feeling I’ll just be nibbling tonight. LOL


  2. >Happy Holidays Monica! and I agree with the leftovers… I love eating them for the next couple of days!