>It’s Not a Resolution — It’s a Strategy

>Today is about sweeping out the old and ushering in the new. It’s about cleaning the slate and starting fresh. So why is that? I mean what’s up with resolutions? So many people do them and then fail to follow through on them. Talk about setting one’s self up for failure! But the odd thing is, as much as I know it’s a setup, I have this need, this compulsion to do resolutions. For me, resolutions are goal settings. And goal settings have deadlines. So if I set reasonable resolutions/goals, I’m more likely to achieve them. (Yep, that makes TONS of sense. But the older you get, the distance between reasonable and achievable GROWS)

I’m learning that reasonable means accepting. In other words, accepting my limitations and basing my goals and resolutions on those limitations. I’ve an addictive personality. I can get so wrapped up in something that I fall victim (of my own making) to losing focus. I lost focus of my writing last year. I focused more on marketing than I did on writing, and I think it cost me.

So I’ve come up with only ONE new resolution this year. A change in strategy. Yep, that’s right. My sole resolution is to change my strategy.

  • I’m going to write more by removing programs off my TIVO list.
  • I’m going to write more by not answering email at night (I can do it when I’m at work on my breaks).
  • I’m going to complete two books (I’ll shoot for three, but no need to set myself up for failure).
  • What else, oh, right, I’m limiting my conference dollars and putting them into my book advertising. I’m finding having fun and socializing doesn’t equate to books sold.

But WAIT you cry. This sounds like a whole bunch of resolutions.

Well, I suppose you could think of it that way, but it’s not. I really only have one resolution this year. It a change in strategy to write more. I’m just pointing out the things I’ve got to do to accomplish that strategy. So there, Obama, Hilary, Mitt, etc.– how’s that for doublespeak. I should have been a politician. *sigh*

Happy New Year and Happy Writing


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