>Battle of the Holiday Bulge

>Food, Food, Food

Thanksgiving is next week, so I think this post I kept putting off has finally found its moment! Food. We all need it too survive. Some eat to live, others live to eat. I generally fall in the eat to live category. Don’t misunderstand, I enjoy food, I do. I love hot fudge sundaes, KFC chicken, Stuffy sub sandwiches (a local sub shop), Oreos and those Vanilla crème slender bar cookies, but most of all, I LOVE maple creams covered in milk chocolate. Now usually, I don’t have any trouble staying away from those items or any other “bad for you” items. I’m a pretty disciplined individual. It also helps that when I get home, I’m too lazy to go back out to get unhealthy, but delicious food items.

Food and Writing

So what does food have to do with writing? Well, for a lot of writers, food can have a definite impact on our lives, particularly if we’re lucky enough to work at home. Like anything else, food is a way to procrastinate from actually writing. I mean when I go to the kitchen, I stand in front of the frig for a good five minutes trying to figure out what I’m going to fix or what I want to eat. Then I have to get all the ingredients and utensils out to prepare the meal. Being the AR type I am, I also have to make sure I have everything in hand when I go back upstairs to my office. As I said earlier, I’m lazy (although I tell myself I’m just being efficient), and I don’t want to have to come back downstairs to get something I forgot. Thus, by the time I’m done, I’ve lost at least 30 minutes writing time.

Now for the worst factor of all, we come to Writers Spread. This is not a condiment to put on a sandwich, but it’s where the butt begins to spread in your chair faster than you write. I’ve been fairly lucky over the past two years to avoid this situation, but I eat when I’m depressed, and I’m still waiting on that NY call so I can quit the full-time job (or at least go part-time), which will then enable me to write more. But until I write more I will have trouble getting that big sale. Naturally, that puts me in a downward spiral and I over indulge in things that I shouldn’t.

Of course, there are times when jaw chomping helps me think better. I’ve tried gum, but usually winds up earning me major jaw pain because I’m chomping non-stop. Thus I resort to junk food. I’ve had many an inspirational moment when a milk chocolate maple cream slides sinfully over my tongue. It’s pure wicked pleasure. I forget that one is okay to eat, but that more than two is insanity. At least insanity when it comes to keep my weight down.

Then there are a half a dozen other reasons a writer might find it difficult to keep their weight down. Writing is a sedentary job, so unless one exercises one could pay a price. There’s also the issue of the Muse. When the Muse is kicking, no writer I know is willing to stop writing. They want to charge through and get those words on the page. After all, the Muse is finicky. One never knows how long she’ll wait to make another appearance.

The Goose Is Getting Fat

So what’s the moral of this post? Well none actually, just an observation that as writers we need to learn to take care of our physical health as much as our Muse’s health. So that means it is NOT recommended for anyone to eat until one must undo the top button of your jeans next Thursday. Since my sister is cooking for the holiday, I know I’ll be eating healthy this year. She’s a nurse and we always have delicious, yet HEALTHY, food when we visit with her family. In fact, her healthy food makes it possible to overeat as well! LOL But Christmas is coming and I want to avoid getting fat just like that goose. So I’ll be watching the calories and working hard to keep from indulging too much in the good food I know is going to start showing up at home, at work and everywhere else I go! I’ll be taking the day off next week for the holiday, but I’d like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday. This is definitely a time of thanksgiving for me and my family. I hope your day is filled with family celebrations and warm thanksgiving blessings.


P.S. Next week I’ll be taking the week off to spend time with my sister in Wisconsin and maybe even dare to stand outside in the dark to take advantage of Black Friday sales at BestBuy, Circuit City, Target, Walmart etc.

Let the Shopping Commence!

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