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It’s a holiday weekend for state employees, and I’m excited about having an extra day off, plus Mirage is set for eBook release on Tuesday with Samhain. WOOT!! Remember that surprise I mentioned, well here it is. An excerpt from Mirage. Oh, and I did I happen to mention that if you can email me the answer to the question at the end of the excerpt, I’ll draw a winner from the correct answers for a free eBook of one of my back list selections, Obsession, Love’s Revenge or Love’s Portrait. Enjoy the Ahh…Sensation!

Now Read On for an Excerpt that would have me banned in several countries, school districts and other places in the world.


Mirage by Monica Burns
Samhain Publishing
SBN 1-59998-615-9
October 9, 2007 | eBook
August 26, 2008 | Print

2005 RWA Golden Heart Finalist

An ancient prophecy. A sheikh’s passion. One woman will ignite the flame that fulfills them both.

A man without a countryHalf Bedouin, half English, the Viscount Blakeney has always been Sheikh Altair Mazir in his heart. A victim of prejudice from both cultures, he’s learned to trust no one. But a feisty American archeologist and the heat she ignites in him is about to change all that. And more.

An independent woman hunting for a Pharaoh’s treasureAlexandra Talbot is used to men questioning her intelligence simply because of her sex. But the mysterious Viscount isn’t like other men. He never questions her ability to find the lost city of Ramesses II, only her resistance to the sinful pleasure of his touch.

An ancient prophecyBound by a Pharaoh’s prophecy, desire flares between them beneath the desert stars. But murder and betrayal turn their quest into a deadly game, pushing their fragile trust to the breaking point.

Their survival hinges on rebuilding that trust.

WARNING: This excerpt contains some sexual content. You must be 18-years or older to proceed further. This excerpt would be banned in numerous cities, states, provinces, countries or anywhere there is a desire to protest freedom of expression.

A loud crash sounded in the cabin behind him, and a muffled scream tensed his muscles. Spinning around, he moved quickly to the cabin door. With his balled fist, he pounded on the wooden barrier.

“Alex, are you all right?”

Not hearing an answer, he tried to open the door. It cracked only slightly. No light came from inside the cabin, and dread scraped a bony finger over his spine. “Damn it to hell, Alex! Answer me.”

“I’m here.” The faint sound of her voice eased some of his fear.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, but I’m stuck.”

Altair threw his shoulder against the door and pushed with all his strength. This time the wood barrier gave way enough for him to peer into the dark cabin. From the corridor’s gaslights, he could make out trunks stacked from floor to ceiling. “JahÌMÌ JinnÐYa,” he growled in disgust.

“I am not an angel from hell, my lord, and I’ll thank you to remember that.”

“It was an expression of irritation, Alex. And to ensure I don’t use the phrase again within your hearing, these trunks are going into the hold tomorrow morning.”

“We’ll see about that,” she muttered.

Silently cursing her for her stubbornness, Altair pushed on the door again so he could slide into the cabin. In the dim light, he could make out the trunk blocking the door. He shoved it out of the way then turned to see Alex pinned against the wall by a large steamer trunk.

“Are you hurt?” he asked as he set her free.

“No, I’m fine, just a little shaken.”

Once again, the ship rolled roughly to one side. Losing his balance, he stumbled forward, pinning Alex between him and the wall. With his hands pressed against the wall, her body molded itself into his hard figure. She fit him perfectly. With great effort he tried to swallow the knot of desire swelling in his throat. Reluctant to withdraw, he slowly pushed away from her.

The soft gaslight from the corridor revealed the sheerest of nightgowns covering her sensual curves, and her golden-brown hair curled riotously down onto her shoulders. His mouth went dry at the enticing sight. Even in the dim light, he could make out the dusky nipples cresting against the transparent material covering her creamy skin. They were taut buds beneath the sheer cloth. He ached to lower his head and suck on her. Without realizing his intentions, his hand touched her side, slowly moving up to just below one tempting breast.

Her gasp of surprise blew warm air across his cheek, but she didn’t resist as his thumb gently stroked her. Gold lights sparkled in her hazel eyes, and her breasts rose and fell rapidly, encouraging him to continue. With a slow caress, he slid his thumb over the swollen nipple that beckoned so invitingly through the fine silk of her sleepwear.

Again, she gasped, but it was a sound of delight. He lowered his head to the side of her soft neck, breathing in her delicious honeyed scent. She trembled against him as he kissed her creamy skin. The soft moan parting her lips captured his attention, and slanting his mouth over hers, he drank in the sweet taste of her. The heady sensation of his lips against hers shook him to the core.

She tasted even more delectable than he remembered. He cupped her fullness with his hands, his thumbs tracing circles around the hard pebbles on each breast. As she leaned into him, his cock swelled in his trousers to a hard length. Damn if she wasn’t the most tempting creature he’d caressed in a long time. She was like a desert flower, sweet smelling yet exotic to the point of distraction.

Need surged through him and he impatiently sought the heat inside her mouth. As his tongue mated with hers, triumph whetted his hunger at her tentative response. She wanted him. It delighted him that she didn’t try to pull away. Instead, she arched her body closer to him, a tiny mewl whispering from her throat.

God, but she felt good in his arms. Eager, supple and fiery, she pressed her body to him. She was a perfect fit against him. How tight would she be around his cock? The image of plunging into her made his ballocks draw up with need. At the excruciating pleasure it gave him, he shuddered against her, almost losing his seed.

Sanity lashed out at him as his cock demanded satisfaction. What the hell was he doing? He wasn’t some barbarian willing to take his pleasure of her in this manner. He was supposed to be keeping her safe from harm, but instead, he was indulging himself and his craving for her.

His body protested violently as he struggled to bring his raging desire under control. Damnation, but he wanted to take her here and now. Wanted to feel her hot passage clenching around his cock as he slid inside her. Shaken by the intensity of his emotions, he roughly pushed himself away from her. With a sharp shake of his head he tried to clear the lustful thoughts threatening to overwhelm his self-control.

“Bloody hell,” he growled. “Where’s your robe?”

“On…on the bed.” Her voice throbbed with passion, and he fought the urge to pull her back into his arms.

He glanced over his shoulder and saw her filmy robe lying beneath a trunk that had fallen onto the bed. The ship rolled again and he watched the trunks teeter in their precarious positions. With a quick move, he lifted one corner of the trunk and retrieved the robe. Extending his arm in an abrupt gesture, he handed the garment to her.

“Put this on before I do more than just kiss you, woman.”

Mirage goes on sale, October 9th at Samhain Publishing. Now for the question…

Where are Alex and Altair?

Send your answer to monicaburns@monicaburns.com. Be sure your email subject line reads Blog/Website Comment/Question to ensure your answer gets to me. Entries falling into the SPAM folder will not be eligible for the drawing. This contest closes Monday, October 8, 2007 at 5:00pm. Winner will be drawn and contacted no later than, October 10, 2007. Must be 18 or older to win. Click here for complete rules.

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A bestselling author of erotic romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica believes it’s possible for the good guy to win if they work hard enough.

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