>Banned Book Week – Fire In The House


Fahrenheit 451
by Ray Bradbury

Banned Book Week continues through October 6th, and today I’m posting about a book that was required reading in high school. It always amazed me that when I was required to read something I put it off until the last minute because I was certain the teacher didn’t have a clue as to how to pick a good read. I was wrong every time. Fahrenheit 451 was my first intro to Ray Bradbury, and I enjoyed the book a lot. Remember to check back all week to see what book I’m spotlighting this week, and you’ll want to be here on Friday for a special treat.

Ironically, this book is about the topic of censorship and book banning. In late 1998, a parent in Foxworth, Mississippi complained about the usage of the words “God damn” in the book, which was on a required reading list of a West Marion High School English class. The Foxworth school superintendent ordered the teacher to remove the book from the required reading list.

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4 thoughts on “>Banned Book Week – Fire In The House

  1. >Banning books that have no HEAs… hmmm….interesting….very interesting….NAH! I don’t have to like it to know it’s gotta stay. LOL

    Thanks for posting.


  2. >Well said, Monica. Book banning is scary. shoot, I love a happy ending so I’d ban all books without one. Just kiddin. I know that’s my taste.

  3. >If I had to bet, I’d say the objection was made because the mother was deeply religious and considered it a sin to say God Damn. Me, I think it’s personal preference and that God isn’t all that worried about it.

    If I’m betting correctly, then the censorship has a double-edge sword for me because one, it’s censoring a book based on one individual’s religious belief, but it also is that individual’s attempt to tell me how to believe when it comes to my spirituality. THAT I do not tolerate and CANNOT abide. It sooo makes my half-Italian blood run hot! *grin* Thanks for posting!


  4. >That parent must have been one of those parents who wouldn’t let their kid take the sex ed class. You know the poor kid who had to go sit in the library while everyone else got to take the class. I always felt sorry for that kid.

    I feel sorry for the kid of that parent too. Could you imagine being in High School and your Mom making suck a big stink over the word “God Damn” in a book. At that age I would have died LOL! I hope my son never feels that way about me ;o)