>Drowning or Just Missed the Boat?

>Clearly I am NOT Johnny on the Spot this week. It’s 1am on Saturday morning, and I’ve got at least another six or seven hours worth of marketing work to do before I can actually delve back into my new book. I’m rarely disorganized like this, but i don’t think it’s so much disorganization as it is just SOOO much to do. Mac discussed marketing plans in her post this week.

Well, GUESS WHAT! I’m enacting bits and pieces of mine now. My cover finally got loaded up on the Samhain website, and I’m getting excited for Mirage’s release in about six weeks.

I’ve setting up advertising, writing a news release, upgrading the website, MySpace, Blogger, Gather, VideoMx, Dailymotion, and God knows where else with my video for Mirage. It’s one I’m extremely proud of. Check it out to see how sexy my hero from Mirage is!! And the music! I can’t believe how great the music is with the video. Then I’m busy making sure my cover is in the appropriate places. Lord,I have to fix my avatar and I have to get bookmarks ordered. Then there’s the Romance Wikipedia site. I’ve been trying to update my books there.

I usually create a presence and bookmark sites like Gather, etc. so I just upload new covers and videos to keep my name out there, but I don’t work those sites like I do MySpace or the two blogs. Then I actually signed up for a guest blog posting on the months with a 31 at the end with my RWA Chapter. I’ve been instituting ads for the Passionate Ink chapter’s BookNotes publication. Not mention I do a blog once every 8-12 weeks with Samhain.

It sure as hell didn’t help to be without Internet for 8 hours last night! We had a thunderstorm to beat the granddaddy of them all. Living under a bowling alley would have been quieter!

All of this while writing a new book that I’m totally in love with. It took me so long to figure this new paranormal world out. It’s different to be building something outside the box, so this new series took some time to lay out, but now that I’m writing it, I’m having a blast. I’ve got almost a hundred pages written, and I hope to have it done by the end of October, but I might be optimistic given I’ve got a book coming out the first part of October, two book signings that are 6-9 hours away and the holidays are coming.

Good GOD! DOES IT EVER STOP! LOL I now know how Indiana Jones felt with that big heavy rock rolling toward him!

There’s no real point to this post other than this. Even when one is organized, one can feel like one is up against the wall. Oh yeah, and now I have to go pay bills. I’m sooo broke! LOL


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3 thoughts on “>Drowning or Just Missed the Boat?

  1. >Well my head is spinning too, and Mr. Stud is not happy that I’m not spending more INTIMATE time with him!! LOL

    Thanks for the kudos on the new cover. Anne Cain did a wonderful job capturing the mood of the book and the characters.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  2. >Monica, you make my head spin! I’m fairly new to this marketing game and already I can see how it can easily eat into your day (and writing time).

    BTW – love your new cover!