>Greetings from Texas and the RT Conference!

>I’m sitting here in my icy cold hotel room here in Houston trying to figure out what I can say about the RT Convention here. As always it’s a great party. I’ve met a number of lovely readers who knew my names and others who didn’t but have promised to come visit me at the Book Fair on Saturday. I had my first taste of authentic Tex-Mex food last night as I dined with Ann Macala (a RWA chapter member) and Theresa Stevens, and editor with Red Sage. The food was FAB and the company equally so. It was a nice relaxing way to talk romance in a setting that was all TEXAS!

Most of yesterday was spent schleping all my stuff around to half a dozen different places. I shipped 10 boxes to the hotel and I’m now down to about one box of things to ship home, maybe two. Last night was the Ellora’s Cave Moulin Rouge Party and while I didn’t get Mac’s picture (like me she’s camera shy), I got a couple of Passionate Ink ladies (Nancy Liedel and Sharona Nelson) were kind enough to show off their Moulin Rouge costumes. I LOVE corsets, but I just didn’t have the guts to wear that and a flouncy skirt. Yeah, I know, you’re going, huh? Monica couldn’t just put herself out there like she does all the rest of the time. Well it’s easy to put yourself out here behind the safety of a keyboard and computer screen. But unless I lose weight and have money like Oprah, I doubt there will ever be a corset picture of me anywhere. LOL

Tonight is the Fairy Ball…Nancy Liedel is going to borrow one pair of the two pairs of wings I shipped to the hotel. I couldn’t figure out which one I wanted to wear so I shipped them both. Then in the van ride to the hotel, Nancy mentioned she couldn’t get hers on the plane and left them at home. So when I offered her my second pair, her response was “You brought TWO pairs of wings…you are sooooo organized!” I will try to get a picture of Mac because her wings are red and GORGEOUS!!!

And there’s this model I’ve met who is to die for. We’re talking nicely toned muscles (not too much, the just right kind), a mega-watt smile and a shaved head like Vin Diesel. This young man has it all!! From his dark mahogany skin to his delicious biceps, this guy has GOT to be named Mr. Romance 2007. Or at least that’s what I’m telling everyone I meet. I’m drumming up support for him because how can you not fall for a guy who’s a total babe.

Overall, I’m have a great time, all of the energy here is so positive. How can it not be when you’re with lovers of romance. In fact, I came up with a novella idea while I slept last night. In fact, I’ve been thinking about skipping the afternoon sessions to write, but I soooo despise working on my laptop.

Oh, I almost forgot I had a couple of other pictures that might be fun to show. Here’s a pic that doesn’t do justice to the pecs in the pic!! These guys are HOT!!

Here I am with fellow RWA chapter mate, Debra Parmley and fellow GH2005 Wild Card Gerri Russell. We had a great time ogling the hot babes, talking romance and just hanging out. Poor Gerri had a toe injury and wasn’t able to dance, but she never let it show that she was in pain! What a trouper!!

Well that’s all from this small corner of the world for now.

Monica <--- signing off for now from the Romantic Times Conference in Houston

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2 thoughts on “>Greetings from Texas and the RT Conference!

  1. >Definitely fun Cole, but EXHAUSTING!! I’m probably going to pass on the dance tonight because I want to be primed for the book fair tomorrow.

    Thanks for dropping in, Monica