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>Warning – Drama Queen Mode

Yes, it’s over. I can’t deal with it a minute more. I finally sent off the new book to Deidre. Now the waiting begins. I’ve really mixed emotions about this latest work. It’s different, but is it different enough to make the grade in New York is the question I’m asking myself. I don’t know anymore. It’s a tough business, and sometimes you can have a book that’s good, but there’s just not a home for it.

Woe Is Me – 2nd Warning Drama Queen With Hand To Forehead Approaching

Am I feeling morose? Overly so, and I’m not sure why. The entire time I was wrapping up the last chapter I kept think there was more I could write about this couple. I know they’re in love and I hope the ending scene reflects the way they’ve healed each other, but for some odd reason it leaves me wanting more. Interestingly enough this book is almost 115,000, so I’m betting there are going to be cuts, which will be painful, because I truly believe there aren’t any unnecessary scenes between this couple. There may be a line or paragraph here and there than can be consolidated, but it’s going to depend on what an editor would like to see.

Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

So in the meantime, I’m going to try and forget this painful exercise and move on to something that has a stronger possibility of selling. Paranormal. They’re hot, and I don’t see them fading anytime in the near future. Although a good book can light up any type of subgenre, so I’m going to enjoy the coming weekend with my family, watch a little comedy, enjoy Jon Stewart ripping apart our political system and relax. Next week a whole new ball game begins. Primarily because if you fall off the horse, you get right back on or you’ll never ride again.


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