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>Ok, Cathy Clamp tagged me to post 10 Things No One Knows About Me on my blog. So here they are.

10 Things No One Knows About Me – Until Now!

  1. I have an ancestor who was a Knight in the Crusades (father’s side of the family in Germany)
  2. My husband and I were on 20/20 about how kids affect your marriage
  3. I wore casts on my legs as a baby until I was six months old because I was born with club feet.
  4. I played flute for nine years in school. I play the piano (sort of) now.
  5. I believe in reincarnation, and once experienced three pasts lives during a regression (they were not pleasant lives)
  6. I once put my car through two trees (and yes I was on high risk insurance)
  7. With one big step, I crossed the Mississippi River (up where it starts as a stream in Minnesota *grin*)
  8. I’ve attended three major universities (University of Minnesota, Virginia Tech and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU graduate))
  9. I lived in Germany for one year
  10. I’ve visited 28 states out of the 50 in the United States

I’m going to tag the following five (well ok, seven) people to post something on their blog

Michele Buonfiglio
The Gabwagon Gals

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4 thoughts on “>Tagged – You’re It

  1. >I love these, Monica! The crusades link and the 20/20 thing might require separate posts for “details”. 🙂

    So sorry I forgot about this before–I meant to do it, then forgot as the last couple of weeks have been chaos around here (this week too). I did a similar list before — perhaps I’ll resurrect that. But, I don’t think I could begin to touch yours in interest!

  2. >I found a tag I did way back to last May, so I’m going to re-post that LOL. Love yours, btw. Mine definitely pale in comparison LOL.