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>Drive-By Mastectomies

If you know a woman who’s had breast cancer, you’ve most likely heard the term drive-by mastectomies. This is where the insurance company refuses to pay for anything other than outpatient care of a woman’s mastectomy. At this point in time, insurance companies are working hard to make mastectomies a routine outpatient procedure.

Many companies are refusing to pay for two days of skilled health care in a hospital after a mastectomy. It amazes me when insurance companies refuse to pay for something up front. Rather they’re willing to put the health of the patient at risk to save a few dollars up front.

Legislation In Congress

Right now, there’s bill in Congress that seeks to protect women from the irresponsible behavior of insurance companies who’re trying to play doctor without a license. The bill is called the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act, which will require insurance companies to cover a minimum 48-hour hospital stay for patients undergoing a mastectomy. It’s about eliminating the “drive-through mastectomy” where women are forced to go home just a few hours after surgery, against the wishes of their doctor, still groggy from anesthesia and sometimes with drainage tubes still attached to their body.

Join me and Lifetime TV

Lifetime Television has put this bill on their web page with a petition drive to show your support in favor of the legislation. Last year over half the House signed on. This year could be the year that we convince enough Congressmen to vote yes on this worthwhile cause. Sound your voice now. Stand up and be heard. Speak for those loved ones who are breast cancer survivors and speak up for those who’ve not yet been diagnosed.

The only thing the petition asks you to provide is your name and zip code. So go ahead, speak your mind. Help save a life. Help save the life of someone you might know, a wife, mother, sister, daughter, niece, friend. Perhaps even yourself. Let’s make the insurance companies be more responsible in the care of their subscribers. Join me in protecting women by clicking on the link below and signing the petition in support of this much needed legislation.

Lifetime TV’s Petition In Support of This Life-Saving Legislation

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  1. >Thanks Ellen, I have a close relative who’s a breast cancer survivor. So this is one of those causes near and dear to my heart.