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>Ok, I think I’m almost caught up with all my marketing and promotional efforts with Obsession. I’ve also created a new book video for Holly, Ivy and Me, which is supposed to be out before Thanksgiving. We’ll see how soon it hits the shelves. It might be too late for the holidays though.

In the meantime, I decided to expand my experience and create a book trailer for Holly, Ivy and Me just as I did for Obsession. If you have the bandwidth, you can check it out on my website (click here). I’m learning a lot as I create these book trailers. Licensing issues, how to edit sounds for maximum effect in the trailer. I’m still working on how to make the trailer look less like a PowerPoint presentation, but I think I might need to update my software, which is about two or three years old.

Happy Holidays??

Well the holidays are just around the corner and I’m thinking where in the hell did the year go?? Oy Vey! I don’t know about you, but for me, I despise going to the mall. I always have bad experiences with rude shoppers, people who steal your parking spot, mall rage, arrogant, overworked sales clerks. This season used to bring out the BEST in people. Anymore and I believe it brings out the worst of them. Perhaps that’s because people have forgotten that it’s about the spirit of the season, not the commercialization of things. For me, shopping has been made easy in the past five years or so with the Internet. It’s just search for your item, click a couple of times, click to enter your credit info and BAM! Your items are shipping to you in the next couple of days. Doesn’t get any easier than that! Last year, I did ALL of my personal shopping on the Internet, although the DH went out to do his. This is a man who likes to go out on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) to shop for all the bargains. He’d doing it again this year, and he’s found the perfect website to coordinate his efforts and shopping list. Check out this link if you love to shop on the most furious, maddening shopping day of the year. The Black Friday website.

Well, I’m going to leave on that note because at the rate I’m going, my new book is NEVER going to get done, and I need it done

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  1. >I do most of my shopping online, and I know it’s probably tacky since you’re not putting thought into it, but I do a lot of gift cards as well (hey I LOVE getting Barnes and Noble gift cards).