>Scary Things and Book Trailers

>Ok, last night so TOTALLY rocked. Oldest was down and out with pneumonia, so she couldn’t hand out candy like she normally does, which normally frees me to roam the dark yard in search of victims to scare with my faceless mask and floor-length black hooded cape.

So the DH pulled out a chair for me to use that I sat in without moving until the victim was almost right on top of me. Then I sprang up to my feet. GOD! It was hysterical seeing kids from the ages of 9 and up scatter like balls across a pool table. Their screams ricocheting off the house and blending with the scary music blaring out of the speakers from the living room window. There were a couple of kids who didn’t even come up the driveway, they just stood in the street discussing whether the candy I has was worth crossing that hallowed grass of terror.

I SOOO love Halloween!!

In other news, I learned how to make a book trailer. What’s a book trailer you ask? Well think movie trailers (previews) you see in the theater and on TV, take it a step further and devise one for a book, and VOILA! you have a book trailer. I had a lot of fun creating my trailer for Obsession, and it’s been getting some nice compliments. You can check it out at my website. Obsession Book Trailer

WARNING: Danger, Will Robinson, Danger – These type of videos take forever to load on dial-up, so if visit on dial-up, it may or may not take a few minutes to load, depending on your modem speed.

So I’m off to work on a newsletter update for my announcement groups, work on a mailing, do the “books” and pay bills, plus a couple of other things all before I go to bed tonight. Looks like it’s gonna be a long night. LOL

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4 thoughts on “>Scary Things and Book Trailers

  1. >I have to admit, I get as much fun out of it as the kids. It’s a lot better than sitting there waiting patiently for someone to come along so I can just hand them some candy.

    Glad you like the book trailer(s). I do too. Gives me some flavor of the book. I’m excited about what I’m going to do for my next one.

    Thanks for dropping in Cole!

  2. >A couple of years ago when out trick or treating with the kids we came across someone doing what you did – sitting and then scarying — it was funny. πŸ™‚

    The book trailers are soooo neat! I love them!


  3. >Thanks Ellen, I’m getting excited about doing one for my next book. I’m pretty sure it’ll be Mirage, and that’s Egyptian-themed. WhoooHooo!

  4. >The trailer is fabulous, Monica! (I like the blurb as well.) I meant to check it out through your discussion board, but found it through this link instead. It’s awesome. πŸ™‚