Assassin’s Honor Reissue

Just a little more than a week from now, Assassin’s Honor will be up for grabs at just $2.99. I hope you’ll take a gamble on this historical, paranormal, contemporary series. The first book outlines every thing you want to know about the Sicari’s ancient Roman customs. From there’s it’s nothing but great romance and wonderful romance. I promise!

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TV Challenge

Okay, so I have these lists of topics to select from for blogging. As you can guess right away, I still have trouble blogging regularly. *grin*  The topic for today is a TV Challenge. It’s a little like those memes you see on Facebook. If you could be an actor in a TV show, which TV Show would it be and why? Well, I’m thinking more of myself as actually LIVING in the show, vs. being an actor on the show. LOL Continue reading