Words & Their Impact

Do you ever wonder what path you might have taken and where you might be right now if something hadn’t impacted you in a certain way? I recently read about a writer whose mother had said she (the writer) couldn’t write. When I read that I immediately did one of those mental jigs where I was going, yes!! Me too! Continue reading

Digital vs. Paper

Digital books. Are they your primary reading medium? Do you read sole print? Or do you prefer to find a happy medium between the too.

I started my career out in ePub, and at the time I never read digital. I didn’t have an eReader, and I didn’t want one. I was a book person. Of course, that was before fibromyalgia set in on my hands. Now it’s very painful to hold a paperback. It’s also hard to hold my Kindle or Nook, but those I can rest on my lap or table when I’m reading.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve realized that digital reading is far easier for me, and I don’t have to fight with pages, I can bump up the font size, I can close my Nook or Kindle and when I come back it magically opens up right to where I left off.

Naturally this means my lovely bookmarks are strictly for display, but they’re associated with great memories of reading at the campfire when I went camping with my folks, reading under my grandmother’s big oak tree, and reading curled up on my bed while I was a kid.

So do you still read only paperbacks? All digital now or do you do a mix. Got a reason why??

Clooney & “Mean Girls”

Monica Burns Clooney & "Mean Girls" Blogging Books Industry Professionalism Rude Behavior  rude behavior professionalism prima donnas Karma George Clooney bad authors   George Clooney, in an interview with Esquire, once said that he and his circle of actor friends share a set of common values about the business, which is essentially to not be an asshole. I love, love that statement because it’s applicable across the spectrum of things everyone does in their personal and business lives.

In his conversation with Esquire, Clooney said it was important to do good and be nice, put in hard work while also being cognizant of luck. He implied that others in show business do not share the same values he does. Clooney indicated others are more openly ambitious and appear to be far from self-aware. In part, he believes some of this had to do with the kind of people those individuals chose to surround themselves with.

In the book industry (and other industries) there are prima donnas, bitches who savor going for the jugular, and self-proclaimed bitches who are merely forthright in their opinions, but don’t eviscerate people who disagree. Continue reading