Digital vs. Paper

Digital books. Are they your primary reading medium? Do you read sole print? Or do you prefer to find a happy medium between the too.

I started my career out in ePub, and at the time I never read digital. I didn’t have an eReader, and I didn’t want one. I was a book person. Of course, that was before fibromyalgia set in on my hands. Now it’s very painful to hold a paperback. It’s also hard to hold my Kindle or Nook, but those I can rest on my lap or table when I’m reading.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve realized that digital reading is far easier for me, and I don’t have to fight with pages, I can bump up the font size, I can close my Nook or Kindle and when I come back it magically opens up right to where I left off.

Naturally this means my lovely bookmarks are strictly for display, but they’re associated with great memories of reading at the campfire when I went camping with my folks, reading under my grandmother’s big oak tree, and reading curled up on my bed while I was a kid.

So do you still read only paperbacks? All digital now or do you do a mix. Got a reason why??

Life on Mars??

Life on Mars. Is it real? Was there once a civilization on Mars? That’s an age old question of sci-fi lovers! For a long time people were convinced there were people on Mars. So much myth has been tied around the red planet, almost as much as Vega is the main star in a solar system of planets with intelligent life. Think CONTACT with Jodi Foster. Continue reading