Monica Burns

Warning: Patriotic Rant coming. As a vet, I have always believed that freedom of speech, no matter how objectionable, is because EVERYONE has the right to speak what they wish. This includes using the flag in ways that some may or may not approve of. I am what you could call a “silent” patriot. I don’t wear my love for this country on my sleeve (although it appears I’m about to). I hate the political word embolden. I *do* stand for the National Anthem with my hand on my heart, and I believe in equal rights for ALL people regardless of sex, race, or gender. And if you’re from Andromeda and you earned your U.S. citizenship then you’re included too. If my country should need me in a time of war, I will be there, but not because Old Glory has to be protected, but because Americans need protecting. Because our way of life and our right to express ourselves is what needs to be cherished and treasured. The flag is a symbol of our nation. It does not define it, and in my god given right to express myself openly, I share that the picture below does not show disrespect. In fact, I originally thought the message was that soldiers carry our flag and our future in their hands. But apparently this photographer had been lambasted and accused of showing disrespect for the flag. People need to remember that there are NO laws as to how to treat the flag. There are guidelines, and like all guidelines, they are rarely followed. Do you know how many people fly their flag year round on their house without spotlighting it at night like the guidelines say? I see this infraction all the time. I don’t have to like what someone does with the flag. But everyone better be prepared to go through me first before they go after this woman or anyone else doing something people think is disrespectful to the flag. This includes burning the flag, which I feel is wrong, but it is a political expression that our constitution says can not be suppressed. Freedom of expression is a right we all have. And I for one, LOVE this photograph. It exemplifies every bit of my soul that is willing to live and breathe in the greatest country on earth, even if our politicians do their damndest to tear us down. What says love of country more beautifully than a soldier holding a newborn in Old Glory. It’s the epitome of explain what’s truly at stake. God Bless These United States of America. from Monica Burns