via Monica Burns Who’s read FOREVER MINE yet?? Have you reviewed the book?? When I reach 50 reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, I’m going to post FIVE additional extracts from Nicholas’ diaries. I might even post as a bonus, a deleted scene from the book. Not every sex scene gets add into the book. That would make it smut. via Facebook

via Monica Burns So it begins. In just five hours, the official holiday break begins with few hours of silence to write. Ear buds will have to come out, while hoping for more FOREVER MINE reviews. Read the book? Please let others know what you thought about it good, bad or meh. Every opinion counts. :D via Facebook

via Monica Burns OKAY!! THIS is a sweet deal!! Robyn DeHart The Masquerading Mistresses Series Three book in one volume for ONLY $1.99! In the glittering age of the Regency, the mistress reigned supreme. But for three beautiful women, assuming the role of mistress is not glamorous; it’s necessary for survival. A rake, a beast, and a master spy–three men not looking for mistresses but who will do anything to protect the women they can’t seem to refuse. via Facebook