Although you might not realize it, I am really hard at work. I don’t know why I insist on building people’s expectations and making goals I know I can’t achieve.

I’m continuously trying to blog, social media, market, keep up the website, tweet, instagram, pinterest….yeah, I #Failed in that respect recently. BUT, I have an excellent excuse. I’m hard at work on Percy’s story, and it’s finally starting to flow. That’s the beauty of writing, it takes time for the words to flow, but when they do, it’s a joyous thing.

I’ve still don’t have a title. I’ve been batting around the idea of Reckless as a title, but not sure I like it. The book is more Rhea’s (Percy’s heroine) story than Percy’s. She’s been through hell, and it’s very hard for her to trust him. So I’ve been trying to come up with titles that relate to trust, but are still good romance titles. If you can think of one, post in the comments.

Anyway, I figure I’d better explain why I’ve been lax about posting. Besides, I think you’d rather I write than do all that social stuff, right???

Have a great weekend.


How often do you feel overwhelmed with life? As someone with Bipolar Disorder, my medication generally helps me maintain a healthy balance of doldrums and happy times. But sometimes things just get so overwhelming that I wonder exactly what it is that keeps people going. Whether it’s a house that starts to nickel and dime you to death (as ours is right now) when you don’t have the money to fix it or perhaps it’s an illness that just keeps knocking you down. Whatever it is, what do you do to maintain a healthy outlook.
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