How often do you feel overwhelmed with life? As someone with Bipolar Disorder, my medication generally helps me maintain a healthy balance of doldrums and happy times. But sometimes things just get so overwhelming that I wonder exactly what it is that keeps people going. Whether it’s a house that starts to nickel and dime you to death (as ours is right now) when you don’t have the money to fix it or perhaps it’s an illness that just keeps knocking you down. Whatever it is, what do you do to maintain a healthy outlook.
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TV Challenge

Okay, so I have these lists of topics to select from for blogging. As you can guess right away, I still have trouble blogging regularly. *grin*  The topic for today is a TV Challenge. It’s a little like those memes you see on Facebook. If you could be an actor in a TV show, which TV Show would it be and why? Well, I’m thinking more of myself as actually LIVING in the show, vs. being an actor on the show. LOL Continue reading

Words & Their Impact

Do you ever wonder what path you might have taken and where you might be right now if something hadn’t impacted you in a certain way? I recently read about a writer whose mother had said she (the writer) couldn’t write. When I read that I immediately did one of those mental jigs where I was going, yes!! Me too! Continue reading